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Cooking among friends, cooking with friends

For beginners, advanced and connoisseur

Olaf Niemeier provides an insight into the Asian world of cooking. Get to know the diversity of Asian dishes.


Whether you would like to cook by yourself or have a look over Olaf Niemeiers shoulder, is entirely up to you.

What will be cooked, when will be cooked or where will be cooked can you decide. You should better inquire and arrange an appointment with us.

You will not only learn cooking of Asian food, but also to serve. Show your guests in future foods and beverages, often such little things that spoil the eye. Let yourself be inspired by Olaf Niemeier  the”Chefpicasso”.






Try it once with the Asian cuisine.

For all of those who would like to look into an Asian cooking pot, “Chef Picasso” always provides an exclusive recipe for you to try out at home.         More


Information for Wok, spices, dampen and many more.


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