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Euroasiatische Promotiontour in India 2013

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Menu Card in the Fusion 9 India


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Of course he didn’t go on vacation in India. There was a wide menu with specialty goods from Olaf Neimeier, the

head chef. In the gallery you can see how Indian.people eat, while Olaf Niemeier is cooking. Not only the dishes spoil the guest, but also the presentation true to the motto “Art you can Eat”. Olaf Niemeier presented his preparation of his dishes live and demonstrated the students as well by his special way, why he is called Chefpicasso. It was cooked, prepared and

of course eaten. After the lecture not only the students got an award but also Olaf Niemeier for his work.

Redcarpet Hotel Management and Cooking Institute India

Back in 2012 Ravish, owner of the restaurants Inkocnito, as well as the Redcarpet Hotel and Management and Cooking Institute India, was guest at his friend Shanker, the owner of the Fusion 9 in Hyderabad (HYD). At the same time Olaf Niemeier was on his promotion tour and met Ravish. The latter was so impressed of Olaf Niemeier, that he invited him to cook in Pune the following year.

Olaf Niemeier felt honored and accepted the invitation. Finally it came to be in August 2013 that Olaf  Niemeier traveled to India again. Promotion started traditionally at Chef Shanker in HYD. For one week Chefpicasso Olaf Niemeier cooked for the Fusion 9 in HYD, followed by Fusion 9 in Chennai. From there he went straight on to Pune, where Ravish welcomed him with a surprise. Aside to his promotion tour Olaf Niemeier was allowed to be a lecturer at the Redcarpet School.

Three extraordinary dishes were prepared while followed by the curious eyes of the students (Thai Chicken salad, Roll of Dover Sole on Shrimp, mushed Potato’s and Tequila mousse). After the lively Q&A session, Olaf Niemeier had the honor to hand over the students certificate. To his special delight he was presented a traditional turban., which has found a special place in Olaf Niemeiers home.

Back in HYD the building measures of the new restaurant Coastal Spice Kitchen were just finished, that at his last day of his travel it was inaugurated by a dauntless cut of the ribbon by Olaf Niemeier.

Olaf Niemeier gives his best regards to the whole team, wishes success and many guests.

Remark of Olaf Niemeier: Private testing still needs to be done.

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Cooking class in India

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India 2012

Olaf Niemeier 2012 on his Promotional tour in India.

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