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Olaf Niemeier in private.

Some try to perform the Euro-Asian-Cuisine, something Olaf Niemeier „Chef Picasso“has already done for years. He masters them perfectly. His experiences as a globetrotter in Asian cuisines for years brought him enormous knowledge in the Asian way of cooking, which he combined with European cuisine. One of his stations was India, where he had a career as a TV Chef in the TV-series “Good Morning India”. His artistic way to decorate dishes and his unusual way to combine things gave him the nickname “Chef Picasso”.

Milestones on the path to becoming a top chief.

Additional stops of his career were in Germany Gruiten near Haan (NRW), Düsseldorf, Kniebis and Glatten in the black forest as well as Wallgau in Bavaria. Particularly interesting stops were Shanghai, Hongkong, Taiwan, but also the American metropolis New York and Boston as well as a two year visit in London. His special highlights included the dinner for Bill Gates and the president of Taiwan.

Olaf Niemeier is precise in its planning and perfect in the implementation. He was already a celebrated star, cooked in the best hotels and had his own TV-show. Since the opening of the SIDE Hotel in 2001 in Hamburg, he has settled in Germany. Here, he pointed also to his expert knowledge in the area of Food Design and Food photo. This talent is also to admire in the book series  – The ocean- and “Port Culinaire One”

Olaf Niemeier is characterized by his management experience and his extensive knowledge in the Asian cuisine. You can talk to the top chief Mr Niemeier in English or German.






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